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for the Garage~ites
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Once upon a time there was a site called Kips Garage, Where many people (mainly teens and people in their 20's) who suffered from a variety of mental health problems flocked to the message boards. Friends were made, Coffee meets arranged and people supported eachother. Alas, the website came to an end. Many people on the garage have livejournal accounts and this is a place where they can reunite (even though many users have garage-ites listed as friends).
Whilst i know this Community will never be anything like the phenominal Garage, i hope people can find something in it. memories of coffee meets, photo's from meets anything like that are warmly. welcomed.
Also this would be a great place people can track their progress and successions

User directory -
Imperfectly = elucidate_this
Ratgirl (anne) = becoming_anne
Vhianna or Skye = shacklefree
Sad_eyed_angel = spray_of_petals
Zombie_82 = angelundone
Ames = newnonfiction
Ardeth = synapsepi
Nikka = lemontangerine
That_girl = amillionfaces
Adri = soshesays
Landslide = weedlover
Silencieuse = rinni
Afraidofmyself = suma
Mighty_suz, suicidal angel = dirty_starlight
NikkiBear = purehearted
Tara = ghostkid
Allie = indra777
Murkyangel = tender_star
Alice Pearson/melis = siwwy_wabbit
[dryly] Pantera = kcrosby
Faith = tomcatkitten
Greganderson = hyperseth
Grey/Normal/Chris = marblespire
Peach = hiddendances
Winter child = taboofeline
Katherine = cyanidelove8
Rich = mindwideopen
Cherokee = borrowedwing
Blackcherri = honeysuckled
Ladylighter = oihanen
Dazed = slipandslide
Missrain/Brianna = penguinstar
Mary, Hole Girl = unpopular
Aaron = aaron_jesus
Autechre = mindwideopen
Tessie16/ubastard = tessie16
Claudia = claudiakitty and autumn_kitty
Fork = suessigkeiten
primalscreamer = cataplexik
dream/racheljoy = racheljoyand__prelude
dragonfly = thadragonfly
daydreamer = daydreamerchloe
If your name isn't here, and you would like it to be then please Leave me a comment and i'll add you

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