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searching and something lost

There was a time I was on Kip's Garage. I was 14, lost, confused and in search of something to relate to. Ten years has past and I'm lost and now find myself accused as the abuser as opposed to victim. 24 now, I wonder, what the hell ever happened to that girl I found on a yahoo chat room who told me about this place? Here name was Danielle I believe, in the California area, and she introduced me to RATM, and a story of systematic abuse. i believe was her old email, haushinka one of her other user names. I know she posted on Kips in self abuse, but somewhere along the way I lost that friend. I have no idea what my 14 year old intellect once used as a username on there, though I do recall it was about reporting a rape an ex once made up. I cut and hid from the world, because the one I trusted the most, was the one who burned me the hardest. My name is Royce, and I live in Canada, and I wonder what ever happened to that mechanically gifted girl who worked on motor cycles. if you know where I can find her, it would be greatly appreciated..... What the hell ever happened to Kip's garage, the place was definately undervalued in its help?
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