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Darling Garage-ites -

The time has come.  As I prepare for the start of an MFA program at the end of the summer, my mind has begun to wander onto larger writing projects I'd like to undertake.  And, as always, I come straight back to the Garage.  (Funny how that works, eh?)  Once I get my act together, I will be putting together a more official-looking list of interview questions.  But to get this started, I want to hear from you.  About your experiences at the Garage, about what's happened since then.  The state of mental health (as Kip mentioned back in January).  Any of it. 

What kind of questions do you want to be asked?

I truly believe that something very special happened in those years on that site, and it's more than just the gathering of -- well -- instability.  I think it speaks of the things we don't give teens/young adults credit for -- namely their tenacity through the hard times.

I've been using the wayback website to cull some of my information, but, unfortunately, many pages have been lost.  If you would like to offer anything you might have saved, I'd be honored.

E-mail anything/everything to me at newnonfiction@gmail.com.

Something has to be said about mental health in contemporary society.  Why not start with what we know?

So much appreciation and love.

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