Erin (tender_star) wrote in the_garage,

Kind of a "hey how are you / where are they" post.

Like I said, how is everyone? I'm in school's hard. I work at a big orange box home improvement store. a job. Still with Todd / Lengis. Going to Ron (unforgiven) and Tess's (tessie16) wedding in August. Oh, Ron is my cousin. I'm still in TX so I'm excited to get up there again. Even if a little stressed.

Mostly - I've noticed deleted journals and missing people, and am in an odd

How is Meredith doing?
How is Ren doing?
Has anything come up on angelundone / dying_for_death / she still missing?
I have't seen Laura post in awhile...any news from her?
Jess / James?

Anyone else that's been MIA for awhile...

[as always...Alexis, I am thinking of you...though I highly doubt you'd ever see this]
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